Baby, there are so many times I have dreamed you come to me with a smile on your face, but there always be distance between dreams and reality, you actually come out crying.
Baby, there are so many times I have dreamed you kissed me gently and whispered some sweet nothings to my ear, but there always be distance between dreams and reality, you will actually be annoyed sometimes and bite my shoulder use your teeth just peak through your gum.
Baby, someday I have found you like to grasp my glasses and then wear it by imitating adults.
Baby, someday I have found you tend to take apart my treasured model and assemble them back, like it is a toy. 
Baby, you are always full of energy and vitality and have brought to me so much joy, I begin to worry how can you grow up in a safe, healthy while can inspire your imagination and creativity environment. I have spared no efforts to look for a kind of toy that can let you play well and learn well.
The story starts at year 2003, three dads from Hong Kong co-managed a nearly 20 years’ development industry leading enterprise together, but their happiness never mainly comes from the successful business but from their three lovely kids. Like most of the young parents who become a father and a mother for the first time, during the babies’ golden period of growth, they searched variety of toys from the world and read lots of European and American early learning books to learn what kids really need in different ages, and they have found most of the toys in the market have not combined safety, interactivity, creativity and learning together.
So from the year 2006, under the educational theory of diversity, flexibility, integrity and developments from Hong Kong, the three dads in use of the existing enterprise’ strong production and R&D ability, begin to develop toys. These toys should not only comply with the strict safety and health standards but are also required to offer kids enough creativity and imagination space. These fun innovative toys was firstly accepted by their three babies, and then tried by hundreds of staff’s kids. Finally, these product solutions have been adopted as in-house brands by many famous toy and educational brand vendors from European and American.
In year 2012, after the full products trial, feedback and continuing improvement, the three dads decided to build their own brand InaKids! InaKids comes from one sentence which is also the brand’s philosophy “Innovative Products for Creative Kids”.
Every father and mother’s heart has a unique “little princess”, “prince”, “sweet”, “honey”, “darling”… but all the stories are simple, and all these are for you, my baby!
(All InaKids products are complied with American ASTM963 and European EN71 safety standards, please fell assured to let your kids use.)